Our Team

Pastors Scot and Tammie Pifer

Pastors Scot and Tammie are both ordained ministers and demonstrate a team ministry concept. They have experienced many miracles and operate in the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit. Healings, deliverances, and prophecies are common occurrences when they minister. They have ministered all over the world, including various nations in Asia, Africa, Central and South America.​

United in marriage 32 years ago, they have become an inspiration to many as they model a strong Christian marriage. God has given them a heart for the community in which they were both raised. They graduated from I.U.P. and worked in the professional business field before becoming full-time ministers. They both earned an accredited Doctor of Religious Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa, FL.

Pastor Scot and Tammie Pifer

Our Church Team

Darla Thomas – Children’s Pastor

Darla is a dynamic teacher of God’s Word to all ages! She brings the Word to our children in a way that they can both understand and apply God’s principles to their lives. Through her, and her team, our children learn how to live victoriously through Christ.

Darla has been a vital part of DDM from its inception in 2002. She has an earned bachelor’s degree from Divine Destiny Ministries Bible College. She has been married for 33 years, and has raised 5 children, and is blessed with 11 grandchildren.​

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